Feb 14, 2021

a gray sunrise this morning

for long months now death 

from covid 19 has felt 


and possible 

death just lurking about 

waiting to pounce on someone 



a loved one 

a gray sunrise this morning 

perhaps a little dreary 

but i was alive to see it 

and that will do 


how beautiful

how perfect 

the flowers on my cactus 

that live for just one day 

they bloom with color and glory 

if only for a short while 

and i stand there marveling at the sight 

wondering why it is 

that the cactus flowers move me 

like no other 

more than roses 

more than lilies 

when it dawns on me 

that they are all the more lovely 

because they will die so soon 

how human of them


luther ingram/if loving you is wrong

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