Jan 29, 2021

trout that flashed like silver


somewhere between midnight and dawn 

i am watching the tall pines 

as they do a subtle dance 

in the strong breeze 

their roots sink into the world 

and their crowns reach up for the heavens 

for the stars 



we met when we were still young 

but just barely 

i was the river and you were the trees 

the forest 

your woods were filled with many creatures 

deer rabbits owls 

my river held trout that flashed like silver 

and they recited quick poems in the deep quiet 

my body was a river 

your body was the woods 

the world went spinning 

around the warmth of the sun



the secrets of living welcome us 

like bees 

like honey 

will tomorrow come 

and if it does 

will it come for us



it is a precious thing the light 

like a jewel that brings us comfort 

or christ's halo 

like first greens of spring 

after the bitter passing of a hard winter 

a mother's smile 

a precious thing 

so we tell ourselves 

waiting alone in the darkness 

for the return of morning 

waiting for the wonderful light 


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