Jan 31, 2021

the sacramento river is golden


after a long night 

i listen to bill evans play jazz piano 

and then thelonious monk 

the keys from the piano 

unlock special doors for me 

and i enter into other rooms 

to sit in sound 

life can be so very lovely 

so very fine 



this valley is more precious than gold to me

putah creek and cache creek are golden

the sacramento river is golden

there is gold in the clods of dirt 

the earth of the valley floor 

is itself made of the purest gold

oh don’t take me literally 

i can be a fool

i mean that my love of the place 

where I make my home 

is my reward in life 

to be one with the land is to be whole 

is to be complete 

At least is for me

i am just a man but i belong

i belong


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