Jan 27, 2021

mother nature’s hookah

painting by Seiho Takeuchi

below the yellow moon a street light 

is burning white 

why is it even on 

once i walk past no one 

will be there to see it 

from one of the valley oaks an owl 

lets out a soft vowel sound 

perhaps she would also prefer 

the moonlight on its own


a perfect day 

blue sky with little puffs of clouds 

that look like hashish smoke 

from mother nature’s hookah 

sunshine like gold


Let us not value a false peace over a righteous justice. Let us not be afraid to sit with the ugliness, the messiness, and the pain that is life in community together.

-Rev. Dr. Yolanda Pierce

When I wonder if it would be easier to simply go with the flow, help me to remember that grounding myself in what I believe gives me strength. May I continue to find ways to live my values in a complicated, messy world.

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