Jan 26, 2021

fuel for our journey

by seb farrington

waking after two hours sleep 

and going outside for the fresh air 

i know this is my country 

when i hear an owl 

and my entire life 

is summed up in its call 


if your life is so hard

with your career and your home

--oh how you are put upon--

come and meet  a family from guatemala

that has neither


midnight again 

moonlight and wind 

and i cannot put the poems down 

miyazawa kenji and ilya kaminsky 

and my own scribbles in a notebook 

a gust of wind rattles the old loose window 

and my being shoots straight up into outer space 

spacemen gather to me 

and i read them the next poem


but in the secret history of anger--one man's silence lives in the bodies of others.
-ilya kaminsky

we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
-miyazawa kenji

every single day can be a new beginning. the past cannot be changed and future is not here. you do have this day. may you find it filled with loving kindness, and may you add to that loving kindness, and the same for me.

beethoven/moonlight sonata/bass guitar

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