Dec 4, 2020

wake up - this is your life

Wake up, it's morning.

Open your eyes.

Pay attention to the sky, the weather,

The phases of the moon.

That weird tree down the street;

What is it? Learn about the flora

And the fauna growing around you.

Stop taking everything personal,

Nothing is personal.

Give a break to everyone, anyone.

Try to be a help, everywhere you go.

Wake up. This is your life, right now.

Live it.


A wind blew the rain on through, mostly clear skies now. A half-moon. Between the rain and the wind, a lot of leaves fell, my street is covered. It is cold outside in my pajamas and a hooded sweatshirt, so I don't stay long, just enough to listen to the cold wind and see the moon.

Moonlight, wind-sounds,

Wet leaves scattered like lost children—

Shivering under the half-moon.

An autumn rain has passed over,

Nourishing the earth.


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