Oct 28, 2019

journal - 28 Oct 2019

- Whatever foolishness is defined by my mind as being 'James' does not cast a shadow or make a reflection. It is nothing but thought, and perhaps not even an honest thought.

- Geese fly overhead. They need nothing from me. 

- The shadow of 'James' leaves no footprints, makes no trash, causes no pollution.

- One son is dead, another son seems to be going mad. His hold on reality is weak, at best. How does one convince a 35 year old man that he needs help?

- I am by far happiest alone, reading.

- My mother died on the telephone, speaking to me. I was changing planes in the Phoenix airport, trying to get to her. Her last word was 'love.' It was all she could say.

- My belief system is simple. I do not believe in fate, destiny, any kind of afterlife, or luck. Random can be both wonderful and horrible at various times. 

- I have faith in this moment, now. I do my best.


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