May 3, 2019

'Honesty. There’s a need for more of it.'

Honesty. There’s a need for more of it.
A dog will sniff the rear of the rear end
Of another dog, and then turn to be sniffed.
There is no pretension in that. None.
Dogs are naked and open about the nakedness.
I am not suggesting that we humans go that far,
But perhaps it might help to have a place
Where everyone is naked.
A park. A shopping area. A neighborhood.
Whenever we are at this place, we just strip.
Here am I, just as I am.
Here is my belly, here are my privates.
The things we all have in common
Are greater than our differences,
I believe that. And so
Perhaps living a part of life naked
Would make it easier to see it.

03 May 2019

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