Mar 11, 2019

Journal update - 11 March 2019

Holy Moly, have I been sick! I've been down for two full weeks and I am still not right, but I am improving a little. I've been in and out of the doctor's office, one trip through the emergency room, coughing and hacking, feverish at times, weak, struggling to breathe, canceling events and commitments, living indoors like a prisoner.... I could go on, but I'll leave it there. As I say, I am now improving a little.

Good thing, too. I have two poetry readings to host at the end of the week. Friday night I host Stuart Canton and Brad Buchanan at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis. Both have recent books to read from and sell. Then on Sunday afternoon I host Mary Mackey at The Davis Arts Center. Mary pretty much always has a new or new-ish book! I don't I have ever personally known a more prolific writer; poetry, novels, screenplay; you name it! A very talented woman.

I am 62 years old and I am a few months into my term as poet laureate for my city, but already I am making plans for when it is over. My plans? To spend my days in quiet meditation and walks, to write in my notebook and blog, and to be (to remain, that is) a family man. Nothing else. No readings, no politics, just peace and quiet. Sounds good to me. And if I can regain my health completely, perhaps it could last a good while.


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