Mar 16, 2019

'In 62 years this body has become worn'

In 62 years this body has become worn;
Lumps and bumps and bald spots. Aches.
Places that hurt and I'm not sure why.
Other things have changed with age, too;
I spend more time thinking about the sun and moon,
The trees and watersheds.
Much less thought goes to the curve of a shapely thigh.
There is a beauty that comes with age, perhaps
You, dear reader, are still too young to see it.
It is the beauty of a tall pine bending in the south wind,
The loveliness of a delta breeze on a hot day,
Cooling the entire valley with its sweet breath.
Yes, it’s true, I have a game knee
And my feet hurt a lot, even in the best shoes.
But when I stand in Putah Creek
I know where the water came from,
And I know where the water is going.
An old turtle sits on a log, very still,
And I get to put him in a poem.

09 October 2018
16 March 2019

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