Mar 31, 2019

'Did you know? I have forgotten the cigarettes'

Did you know? I have forgotten the cigarettes
And the LSD and the bar fights with strangers.
I have forgotten the women who heard my lies
And believed me, and I have forgotten their sheets,
The taste of their midnight, the salt of their sweat.

Easier to remember is the cold air on a freight train,
Riding all night across the empty plains.
Easier to remember is the full moon
On San Juan Ridge, pine trees shining
And frosty, as clear as in the daytime.

Years passed, decades, a lifetime, and I sit
Under a daytime moon, waning crescent,
And I pause to put the past out of my mind.
There is no yesterday. I focus on my breathing
For a few minutes. The moon just goes on.

31 Mar 2019

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