Feb 27, 2019

Journal. 27 FEB 2019. Blah, blah, blah.

Slide Hill Park, East side of Davis, California, Planet Earth. It is 50 degrees on a rainy day, pre-dawn; we won't see 60 degrees today. That's OK. With all the drought I have lived through in this valley, I never cuss a rainy day. I am glad to see them.

Several poetry chores to do today; the mayor wants "a poem a week project" and I have a meeting about that, also "the free poetry stand" will be planned out in the same meeting. My two poetry reading series need some planning today as well.

And I might be getting sick. I have some weird cough that just began this morning. My knees/walking/standing continue to be a worsening problem. Next appointment is a week away. (For a pun, I could say the appointment is a 'weak' away.)

Yesterday was a Pajama Day. I knew it would rain like hell all day, so the day before I bought some new PJs. Morning shower, new PJs all day. Very cool. I enjoy a Pajama Day every now and then.

And I wish you a day worthy of enjoyment. Namaste, y'all.


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