Feb 25, 2019

'I was down by Putah Creek'///

I was down by Putah Creek
Where you once swam with your friends.
I held my face down low, by the surface of the water,
I was still, I was silent,
And by doing that I could feel the universe move again,
The way it did when you were still here, alive.
I couldn't stay, there was much to do,
But for a moment you were back with me.
You were splashing and laughing,
And floating on your back. You were young,
As you will now always be young.
My face was low to the water,
And the universe moved.
Then I let your ashes go into the water,
And I watched for a moment as the current took them.
Then I stood up and walked away, son,
And forgive me, I didn't look back.


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