Thursday, January 31, 2019

journal update: 31 January 2019

It's been a while. My health isn't so good, and at my house, I'm not the only one. Osteoarthritis, KL4 degenerative, both knees. Baker's cyst behind the left knee. Swollen legs and feet, especially on the left. A lot of tests, blood work, x-rays, ultrasound. Plus, the vertigo last summer? Sometimes I still get a little dizzy. I don't talk about that one much. I can't hide the knees, what with the brace and the cane and pain, but dizzy? Usually no one knows. Unless I fall. Fifteen falls since summer. How long until I break something?

In terms of poetry, things are going great. A poem I wrote for Malala is part of a multi-art performance in March. I was asked at a candlelight vigil for a murdered police officer. I was asked to read at a city council meeting, a county board of supervisors meeting, and for Martin Luther King day. Original, new poems for everyone. Also, I was part of a poets-on-posters project for downtown. I want to do a broadside project, and I seem to raised the funds for it.

I have been trying to cut down my time on Facebook and Twitter. It isn't really good for my Buddhist practice; at least it feels that way. I am trying to cut down to just posting my poetry links (to my blog and event notices), but like an addict I get pulled back in. Working on it.

"Hi, I'm James, and I am a social media addict."

My work with the homeless shelter has been affected by my health, but I am still on the board of directors and doing what I can. I can only be on my feet for so long at a time.

What else? I've been focusing on shorter poems with an emphasis on place, using Basho and Li Po as my prototypes. For years I did deeper image, somewhat ecstatic poems, and every so often one comes up, but I enjoy this a lot more. Very satisfying, these little things. One was one one line! I'm still editing the other poems, so you'll see both on this blog.

I'll try to stay in touch more.


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