Wednesday, January 9, 2019

'A stormy week here in the Sacramento Valley' //

A stormy week here in the Sacramento Valley,
Rain on and off, on and off.
Above, in the high passes of the Sierra Nevada,
Deep drifts of snow. The bears are sleeping.
Down here, rain on the rooftop,
No finches, no crows, no owls.
And like them all, I am also laying low;
It has been days since I even went outside.
James says it doesn’t matter where you are,
It is what you do that counts.
So.. back to work on these poems.

09 Jan 2019

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  1. "A stormy week here..." is a poem that could have been written about my small town. In fact the line, "The rain, on off, on off..." I wrote today as I wrote an essay about Cyntoia Brown's gift of clemency. I love it when we poets are synchronized the way spies and secret agents synchronize their watches...


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