my world is still wild

i can’t explain the wind 

and why bother trying

like us 

the  wind begins somewhere 

and ends somewhere else

does it matter why

walking outside 

even though i am not well

the wind feels good on my face

and i am staying right here

just being


a break from the winter rains

perhaps a few days of sunshine  

it is sunrise and i sip coffee 

watching through a window

as wild finches peck in my yard 

and on the patio 

making small sounds that please me

in my imagination I took a long walk

as my body was too weak to do so

and in my mind I found a world

of fields and woods with no footprints

in all directions this world was new and clean

my body is weak but my world is still wild

and absolutely free


your life is unique 

follow your own path 

and leave the naysayers behind 

your life 

your choices

your karma


No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen.

-Alan Watts


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