I am not anyone at all.

Claudia Masciave

The full moon is hidden by clouds

And I am mistaken for someone,

But I am not anyone at all.

I am crawling under the porch

To count on my fingers the number of times

That I was actually needed.

I am wearing a veil like a grieving woman

And cutting my arm with broken glass.

I am hidden by Tule fog and scarred

From old wounds and from the diseases

That failed to end me.

I do not fear the consequences.

I am burying my regrets under the porch.

The clouds that cover the moon are clearing now

And the fog is a brilliant white in the moonlight.

I am coming out now to wash the blood away

And to return this body.

This body is a loaner.

I am putting one foot in front of the other.

I am not looking back.


That we might find compassion for every person in our path.

That we be warmed by four kinds of light:

Starlight, sunlight, moonlight, and the light within.

That we can live every day as though it were the last.


We need to think of each other as true brothers and sisters, concerned for each other's welfare.

-Dalai Lama XIV 

We are blessed because we can choose. To love, give, help. To join. We can choose kindness, compassion. We can be the example ourselves.

Through spiritual practice, you can come to see yourself and your life clearly. And when you can see clearly, you can transform any situation.

-Tina Turner

Don’t think of meditation as doing. Think of it as un-doing.

The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.


"Eggs"  1964  Vija Celmins

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