Sunday, December 1, 2019

8 Things - 01 Dec 2019 - Journal notes

- I am blessed with a community that welcomes me, and I hold them close. There is nowhere else I wish to be.

- The coffee I a made today, a fine French roast, tasted a little of 1972. Just a hint of the taste of 1972, which was for me a very fine year.

- I like a cold, gray sky, wet air, and the need of a woolen scarf. 

- I met a very old man today, an interesting fellow. He told me a story of being a clerk of the superior court and what happened one day. It was as if he was reliving it as he spoke. 

- I feel honored when people share something of their life with me, something of their own experience as a human being. 

- Spent a little time with Emily Dickinson, after a long while. It was like visiting an old friend. 

- I saw a finch playing in the very light rain. This rain was just more than a mist, and the little finch seemed to enjoy it. 

- We rest in the love we are blessed with, we rest in the love that we help to create. 


The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

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