Jul 28, 2021

Try to be a help everywhere you go.

Pay attention to the sky, the weather,

The phases of the moon.

That weird tree down the street;

What is it? Learn about the flora

And the fauna living around you.

Stop taking everything personal,

Nothing is personal. 

Give a break to everyone, anyone.

Try to be a help everywhere you go.

Wake up.This is your life, right now.

Live it.




Jul 24, 2021

the Ox of Joy and the Buck of Peace

Midsummer, the Year of the Ox. 

The full Buck Moon rises tonight. 

May the Ox of Joy and the Buck of Peace 

Visit you, bringing blessings. 

May your life be a honeysuckle.


Far above this gloom.

The smoke from a forest fire fills the valley 

As if it was a bowl. I haven’t seen a bird all day. 

A fine ash has settled on everything, on our lives. 

Even the sun looks hazy and gray, 

But it pleases me to know that the sun is actually safe, 

Far above this gloom. 

Something moves in one of my redwood trees; 

There is a bird after all. 

A lark.




Jul 23, 2021

skin like tin, thin and hard

Almost winter, both in the time of year

And at this time in my life. Skin like tin,

Thin and hard. My memory is tinted

Somewhat from the passing years, 

And I reject my old sins; it’s imbecilic

To hold on to the past. Pointless. Slowly,

The current year is running out of wind.

And so am I. One does not escape time.




Jul 22, 2021

slow down

If I drive a little faster 

the field I am passing will begin to blur 

at the edge nearest my car, and yet 

it will still be clear to me in the distance. 

If I slow down, 

everything becomes clear. 

It is the same with life. 


It is a field of alfalfa, ready for harvest. 

Can you smell it?