Thursday, April 25, 2019

'Later than midnight'

Later than midnight
Awake in the big empty
Footsteps outside my window
Could it be my son coming home?
Shivering outside I can see
It is just a neighbor’s cat
Slinking by
The old cat gives me a look
And keeps going
Only the grief remains
Only the grief remains

25 Apr 2019

'Laughing out loud, my friend' //

Laughing out loud, my friend looks so old,
Then, when I check the mirror -- uh-oh!

22 Dec 2018
25 Apr 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

'There is a ghost that sleeps in that closet' //

There is a ghost that sleeps in that closet,
And there is a creature that hides beneath this bed.

The ghost lives for those tiny moments
When it can the squeak my door hinges
In the darkness.
The creature lives to bite off the toes
Of little boys like me.
And swallow them.

In the back of my grandparents' basement
There is a small room, sectioned off.
Never, never go back there.
If you do, the light will go out
And you will not be seen again.

And those woods beyond the trailer park?
For daytime only. Not for nighttime.
There are things in there that eat children.

I can tell you this because I am survivor.
My big sister, Dottie, she’s a survivor, too.
And she explained it all to me. Many times.

James Lee Jobe
18 Dec 2018
24 Apr 2019

Haiku //

My knees are shot
My hair is receding --
Still the same; your smile.


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

'It might be more fashionable not to live'

It might be more fashionable not to live;
Who doesn’t love a dead, failed poet?
Still, I had a nice dinner with my family,
And it was a fine day. Lovely.
Perhaps I’ll just keep writing.

23 Apr 2019

'I will take this holy poverty to the grave'

I will take this holy poverty to the grave
And then, if I am even remembered at all,
People can say that I was never burdened
By money. You know, some people, money
Is all they ever have;the poor bastards.

18 Dec 2018
23 Apr 2019

'It is still early in the Spring, yet' //

It is still early in the Spring, yet
It is as hot as Summer.
Children in the park stare at the pool,
It won’t open for more than a month.
I am becoming an old man,
What can I do with this world but laugh?

23 Apr 2019

'I live in Northern California, where the rain'

I live in Northern California, where the rain
Often comes from the Gulf of Alaska.
That’s a long way to go for rain.
I wonder if the journey is weary.

In life, my passion for the things
That govern my deeds
Often comes from my stomach.
It’s large, and I am a passionate man.

So here I am, on a wet December morning
In California’s great northern valley.
And I am rained in, and the passion
Tells me, “Run, get out in the rain!”

17 Dec 2018
23 Apr 2019

'Later than midnight'